About us. Studio Photomax — Maxim Prikhodnyuk content, family, wedding and adver


My name is Maxim Prikhodnyuk and I am a professional photographer. In 2013 I founded the company STUDIO PHOTOMAX (based on Crete, Greece) and since then a new life has begun. I guess no one knows much about going into a new business and neither did I, so I spent a lot of time networking, listening, and learning.  As I could not cope with it alone, my wife Irina became the best assistant I could ever imagine. She is taking over all the routine work, giving me the opportunity to deal with the filming process and technical issues. First, we started with wedding, love story, family photography. But the rapid changing market demands constantly to change our marketing strategies, so, to the list of services were added photo content for bloggers and social networks, real estate photography.Our home market is the island of Crete, but we are also available all over Greece and Europe. Our team consists of retouchers, make-up artists, hairdressers, and other valuable specialists.…

About us. Studio Photomax — Maxim Prikhodnyuk content, family, wedding and adver

Irina Golovatjuyk

Art director, my beloved wife, muse and invaluable assistant. 

About us. Studio Photomax — Maxim Prikhodnyuk content, family, wedding and adver

Alina Kayoutina

Retoucher, designer and photographer. 


I’m obsessed with photography for over 30 years, and since 2012 my hobby has become my profession. At the age of 7 I got my first photo camera as a present and since then the world of photography is my life. When I was a child I went to art school and joined several photography clubs. As a teenager I always kept my camera nearby. Unfortunately at some life period I left my came aside for a while and my profession had nothing to do with an art, but I  have been always fascinated with the beauty. Never stopped analyzing and admiring the works of the world’s famous artists and photographers. I always wanted not only to touch the already created masterpieces, but also to create it myself.

Profession of photographer, as many other professions, requires constant training, learning and development. I spend hours training, attending master classes, courses, reading professional literature, and analyzing the works of the famous photographers. All this gives me a possibility to develop my personal aesthetic perception and develop myself as a photographer.

Now we have more than thousand happy and satisfied customers who are coming back…    

Services offered

We offer a wide range of services: 

  •  Content photography, thematic photography of goods, services and portraits for websites and social media accounts. 
  • Love Story, couples and pre-wedding photography. 
  • Wedding photography. 
  • Filming of various events. 
  • Family and children photography. 
  • Portrait photography. 
  • Art projects. 
  • Landscape photography. 
  • Aerial photography.
  • Photo tour of Crete island, Santorini, mainland Greece.  

Photo tour of Crete island, Santorini, mainland Greece. We provide our services in Crete, Santorini, mainland Greece and the EU.