Plastic. Studio Photomax — Maxim Prikhodnyuk content, family, wedding and adver


For this shoot, I was pushed by the view of one of the beaches of northeastern Crete after a storm. The entire beach was littered with plastic bags, plastic bottles and lots of small plastic from bags and bottles, which is the most dangerous for marine life.

There are 2 models involved in that shooting. The girl symbolizes nature, and the guy symbolizes humanity, that is, people. A girl emerging from the water shows us how badly the sea is polluted with plastic.

How heavily polluted the earth is. While the background shows people trying to fight plastic pollution. Nature is suffocating and is on the brink of death, on the brink of disaster.

The last 3 years, at the government level, they began to pass laws restricting the use of plastic. They began to produce more environmentally friendly plastic bags for supermarkets, as well as to charge a fee for them, thereby pushing people to use reusable shopping bags. Plastic disposable tableware and plastic bags from supermarkets will soon be removed from circulation.

Still, people manage to help nature. In the process of evolution, self-purification and self-renewal of nature takes place. Let’s be careful and respectful of the environment. While on the beach, in the forest or in the city, it is not shameful to pick up a plastic bag or a plastic bottle thrown by someone and throw it into a special bin or container!

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